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My 4-Week Southeast Asia Itinerary


One thing about Southeast Asia (SEA), it is incredibly affordable, making it a top destination for backpackers and budget travelers.

I have done quite a bit of solo travel, but my jaunt around SEA was the first where I visited multiple cities and countries in a relatively short amount of time.

4 weeks.

This is all the time I had to venture across 4 countries. For some people, a definitive plan is a must. They book every flight, bus, hotel, and excursion well in advance. Me, on the other hand, I break out in hives at the thought of concrete plans with no room for flexibility. What if I don’t like a place? What if I want to stay longer in another? What if I wake up one morning and I don’t want to do this (whatever this is), on this particular day at this particular time? It just doesn’t work for me. I need freedom and flexibility. But, unlike my usual methods of preparation or the lack thereof, I couldn’t just “figure it out as I go” for this trip. I actually had to sit down and, roughly, plan out the logistics. So here is my 4-week itinerary of SEA, including where to go, how to get there, and where to/not to stay.

Note: this itinerary does include a quick trip to the Philippines, which is not a part of the Indochina region. So, if the beautiful beaches of Boracay aren’t in your plans shame on you, you can always spend more days in other cities or add in Laos or Myanmar.


Lady in cone hat walking down the street in Vietnam

Vietnam was the first stop on my journey. This place was simply magical, for the lack of a better word. Everything about this place captivated me; from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, to the charming, idyllic, town of Hoi An, and everything in between. But what I loved absolute most about Vietnam is the food! Even those with the pickiest palates (me) are sure to find delight in Vietnam’s delectable dishes. It has easily become my favorite international cuisine, hands down.


Hanoi is dizzying and electrifying, all in the same token. If it’s your first stop, as it was mine, this is where you’ll learn how to cross Vietnamese streets without being turned into roadkill, and learn just how many people and how much stuff can be piled onto a motorbike.

Getting to Hanoi: It is important to note that some people will require a visa in order to enter Vietnam. Check here to see if you fall into that category.  If so, be sure to check out my guide on getting a Vietnam Visa on Arrival. Now, the logistics…since I’m already in Asia, I booked a flight through budget airline, Vietjet. There are tons of budget airlines in Asia. Check out some of my favorite sites such as Expedia and Skyscanner to find the lowest prices. Upon arrival, I had pre-arranged to have the hostel pick me up, and I’m so glad I did. It was one less thing to worry about. But, if you opt to take a taxi make sure you negotiate the price before taking off.

Days Spent: My time in Hanoi was very brief, essentially amounting to a single evening. This allowed me time to wander the streets of Old Quarter and grab dinner and drinks at Greet Restaurant, where I had my first taste of Vietnamese spring rolls. A definite must-try, by the way. If you have more time, I would recommend at least 2 full days.

Where To Stay: Golden Charm Hotel ($7.64 USD for a 4-Bed Female Dorm)


Great location
Breakfast included


Rock hard beds
No hot water

Halong Bay

halong bay

As a Unesco World Heritage site, cruising along Halong Bay was definitely at the top of my list for things to do in Vietnam. It is an impalpable wonder that certainly did not disappoint. I spent the day meeting amazing people, eating delicious foods, taking a joy ride on a bamboo boat, and taking in the incredible sites. Since I knew I only had a narrow window of time to visit Halong, this is actually one (and only) excursion I booked in advance. But, you can definitely book upon your arrival. There are tons of tour companies and your hotel is likely partnered with one of them. Just make sure if you book through the hotel they are not overcharging you in order to get their cut.

Getting to Halong Bay: Your tour company will pick you up from your hotel/stay, and from there you will depart for Halong Bay. It is about a 4-hour ride, so be prepared. Once you arrive you will then board your junk boat and cruise around the bay for your allotted time. Afterward, you will be dropped off at your hotel/stay in Hanoi.

Days Spent: I opted for the Day Trip with V’Spirit Cruises, due to time restraints. However, there are different options available including a 2 Days 1 Night cruise, and a 3 Days 2 Nights cruise. Since the weather was a bit drizzly and chilly the day of my cruise, I found the Day Trip to be sufficient. If weather permits, I would suggest the 2 Days 1 Night cruise, as you will have longer to relax and partake in more activities at your leisure.

If you would like to see more photos and read more about Hanoi and Halong Bay click here.

Hoi An

hoi an vietnam

Ahhh…I could go on and on forever about Hoi An. This is easily one of my top 5 favorite places. Hoi An has it all! Great food, great people, great shopping, and great beaches! Sounds pretty ideal to me, wouldn’t you say?

Getting to Hoi An: You have a couple of options. You can either take an hour and 15-minute flight OR take an overnight train from Hanoi to Da Nang (about a 30-minute taxi ride from Hoi An). There isn’t a huge difference in price, and depending on when you book your flight it may even be cheaper than taking the train, which was $45 one-way. I already knew I would be taking tons of flights for this trip, so opted for the overnight train for the experience alone.

If you do the Halong Bay Day Trip you will return to your hotel around 8:30 pm, which gives you enough time to make the 10:00 pm overnight train (check out for the most comprehensive guide for train travel). It is a 14-hour train ride, but time passes quickly as you will likely sleep a good bit of the way. Whatever you do, don’t sleep through the last hour or so of the ride. The coastal views between Hue and Da Nang are absolutely breathtaking.

Personally, I would recommend flying. If you’re expecting a nice kempt, modern-ish train (as I, naively, was) you will be HIGHLY disappointed. It was quite old and dirty. You will save yourself time, comfort, and likely money by flying.

Upon your arrival in Da Nang, you can catch a taxi into Hoi An. Do not pay more than 18,000 VND for a taxi.

***Note: If you do opt for the train, be sure to book in advance to ensure you get your preferred choice (upper or lower berth, hard or soft bed), as they tend to book quickly. I ended up being stuck on an upper berth.

Days Spent: Ancient Town, Hoi An is small and quaint, definitely a change of pace for Hanoi, but there is still so much to see and do. I spent 5 days and 4 nights here. I definitely could have stayed longer.

Where to Stay: Golden River Hotel

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay the full 5 days at this hotel so I booked 2 nights in a mixed dorm room ($8.19 USD/night), but I ended up switching to a private room upon arrival for $24/nt. Having my own space was totally worth it. I ended up keeping the private room for the duration.


Great price
Nice size rooms with a mini fridge
Great location
Breakfast included
Wonderful staff
Comfy bed
Offers bicycles and motorbikes to rent


None really

Want to see more amazing photos and read more about Hoi An check out Hoi An: Part 1, Hoi An: Part 2, and Off the Beaten Path: Hoi An.

Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City (HCM)

Busy and bustling and one of Southeast Asia’s biggest Metropolises, HCM is a definite contrast compared to the more laid-back Hoi An. Filled with so much rich history, HCM is a definite must. Stop by the War Remnants Museum and Reunification Palace to take a step back in time. Also, don’t forget to try Vietnam’s famous iced coffee made with condensed milk.

Getting to Ho Chi Minh: You can take a 16-hour train to HCM, but the cheapest and quickest way is flying. It’s a quick hour and 15-minute flight. I nabbed a super cheap flight for only $20.64 USD with budget airline VietJet Air. Bundle and book on Expedia to save money.

Days Spent: I spent 2 days and 2 nights here. Stretch it to 3 days if you can. It’ll ensure your days are not jam-packed as mine were.

Where to Stay: DDA Hotel District 1 (Private Room $18.65 USD/nt)


Decent price
Mini fridge
Great location in backpacker district
Clean and modern room


Located right above a bar, so noise can be a disturbance
Hard beds
Small room
No window in room

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phnom penh cambodia

I have a strong appreciation and admiration for Cambodia. This is a resilient country that withstood the horrors of genocide and famine brought on by its own government. Even still, this country still shines. Its people are kind, and the food is incredible.

Phnom Penh

As the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh has a rich culture and a heartbreaking past. I was able to see first-hand the aftermath of the story told by Loung Ung in the harrowing novel First They Killed My Father.

Getting to Phnom Penh: First things first, since you are crossing international borders, you will need to get a visa. There are two options. You can get your visa at the border, or you can apply online for an E-visa. To avoid any hiccups, I opted for the latter. You have a couple of options for getting to Phnom Penh. You can either fly or take a 6-hour bus ride. I chose the bus ride as it was the most cost-efficient route. The 3 most popular bus companies are Mekong Express ($12 USD), Sapaco Tourist ($12 USD), and Giant Ibis ($18 USD). I opted for Sapaco Tourist and booked through It was quick and easy and I just showed the e-ticket at the bus terminal. However, I must say I would not take Sapaco ever again. Definitely spend the extra money and go with Giant Ibis (which provides a snack, wifi, and power plugs). Sapaco’s bus was quite old and had the most rancid odor. Also, the ride itself was treacherous. The bus driver was more reckless than most and I swear he would blow the obnoxiously loud horn, long and hard each time he came near a car, which was every 10 seconds. So if you’re hoping to get any sleep on this bus you can forget it. Pay the extra money. Go with Giant Ibis. Trust me on this.

Days Spent: I only spent 2 days and 2 nights here. It was an adequate amount of time for me, as I didn’t completely fall in love with Phnom Penh. But, if you can squeeze in one more day, then go for it. Definitely set aside one day for the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (also known as the S-21 Prison) and the killing fields. It is a bit emotionally heavy but worth it.

Where to stayAfter doing some research I discovered sex trafficking is a huge problem in Cambodia. I also discovered Daughters of Cambodia which is an organization that helps victims of sex trafficking escape by providing them jobs and health and supportive services. This also led me to discover White Linen Boutique Hotel, which partners with Daughters of Cambodia. They provide jobs to young rescued women and teach them life/job skills to help these women create a sustainable life for themselves. I loved this place; everything about it. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Supports an incredible cause
Bed and Breakfast feel/very homey
Clean and beautiful (the photos does it no justice)
One breakfast item free (Try the bread of the day with honey butter. I legit still crave this bread everyday)
Amazing staff


Price (Standard Lily room $35/nt ). This is a bit pricier compared to other SEA hotels, but still relatively cheap, and totally worth it
Location is not terrible, but also not great. It is a bit outside of all the main action

Siem Reap

siem reap

As the home of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is truly a gem. A quaint little city with lots of restaurants to be tried, lots of massages to be had, lots of fruit shakes to be consumed, and lots of temples to venture. I loved it! It definitely gets my vote over Phnom Penh.

How to get to Siem Reap: From Phnom Penh, I took a 5.5 hour bus with Giant Ibis for only $15 USD. Giant Ibis was pure luxury compared to Sapaco. As previously mentioned, they give you a snack and bottled water, and it comes with wifi and power plugs. ‘Twas amazing!

Days Spent: I spent 2 days and 2 nights here. I honestly would have liked to have stayed one more day, so if you can…do.

Where {Not} to stay: Admittedly, my hotel in Siem Reap was not the best. I chose the Villa Sok San Square (Private room $23.75/nt).


Great location
Friendly staff


DIRTY! If you can’t tell by my previous mentions of dirt, I can’t tolerate anything dirty. This place was just that. Dirty. The walls were dirty, the sheets were stained, the shower curtain was moldy and disgusting. If you can tolerate these things, then go for it. I won’t be returning.

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puka beach boracay


Boracay was somewhat of a last-minute addition to my vacation plans, but I am so glad I fit it into my schedule. Aside from the breathtaking beaches, Boracay is filled with all sorts of amazing people, incredible restaurants, and a smorgasbord of activities that will satiate the adventure junkie in you.

How to get to Boracay:  First, you have to decide if you want to save on money or time. If money is not a factor, book a flight directly to Caticlan, then it’s around a 10-minute boat ride to Boracay. Me, on the other hand, I chose the most cost-efficient option, but turns out it was definitely not the most time efficient. From Siem Reap I booked a flight to Manila, Philippines (which entailed a 9-hour layover in Kuala Lumpur). Once in Manila, I took a one-hour domestic flight to Kalibo. From Kalibo, I’d pre-arranged door-to-door transportation services through Southwest Tours. At the airport, we boarded a shuttle bus, drove an hour and a half to Jetty Port, where we then took a 10-minute speed boat ride over to Boracay. Once on the island, we were taken to our respective hotels.

Days Spent: I spent 5 days and 4 nights here, but honestly could have stayed forever. I was seriously sad to leave, and even, briefly, contemplated spending the rest of my vacation there. It’s just that awesome!

Where to stay: MNL Beach Hostel Boracay (6-bed female dorm $16.34/nt). At this point this was the best hostel I’d ever stayed in, in life. Aesthetically, it was fun and super artsy. But, what I loved most was that the rooms were fairly big and the bunks were encapsulated and spacious, so you had privacy and places to keep your things inside with you.


Amazing location! Just a short walk to the beach and tons of restaurants/bars
Super friendly staff
Breakfast included
2 rooftop desks great for mingling with other travelers
Hosted events several nights a week (i.e. yoga, BBQ mixer, etc)
Spacious rooms and bunks


Wifi only available in the common area

To read more about That One Time I Went Scuba Diving in Boracay click here.

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You can’t mention Southeast Asia without mentioning Thailand. You just can’t. It is like the epitome of SEA and where everyone flocks to; understandably so. It is something kinda amazing. My original plan was to start in Bangkok and make my way down to Chiang Mai, and then the islands, but by the time I’d reached Thailand I was exhausted! So, things changed (thank goodness for not having set plans, reservations, and flights). Not only did I end my trip in Chiang Mai, I also ended it a few days early.


I was quite surprised by Bangkok. I really didn’t have that great of expectation for it. I presumed it to be just another big city. But, boy was I surprised. I actually LOVED Bangkok. Of all the places I’d visited in SEA, this is the one place where I could actually see myself living long-term, maybe because it reminded me of an Asian version of home (Atlanta). Either way, it’s an incredible city that shouldn’t be slept on.

How to get to Bangkok: From Boracay I flew back to Manila and then booked a separate flight to Bangkok (with yet again another long layover in Kuala Lumpur).

Days Spent: Sadly, I only had 2 days and 2 nights in this amazing city. Initially, I’d only planned to stay one night, but I loved it so much I extended it for 2. Had I known that I wasn’t going to make it down to the islands I definitely would have stayed longer, 4 or 5 days at least.

Where to Stay: Ok, so I know I said MNL Hostel was the best I’d ever stayed in, in life. Well, that was until I stayed at Analog Hostel in Bangkok. For only $12.64/nt it was an absolute steal! This place was super modern, super clean, super spacious, super secure, super EVERYTHING! And the decor is what took the cake. I am obsessed with all things vintage and retro, and that was the entire theme of this hostel. Old mixed with new. It was absolutely perfect! I will say this is definitely not your fun, party, hostel. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere. This place is more relaxed and laid back and people kept to themselves for the most part.


Great location near BTS Station, shopping, and restaurants
Huge spacious rooms (even in an 8-person dorm)
Clean and modern
Amazing staff
Great common area
Very secure with cameras and badges to unlock all doors


May be a little difficult to find at first, as it is down a small alleyway
No elevator

Chiang Mai

elephant nature park chiang mai

Chiang Mai, the city built around a moat, is also easily in my top 5 favorite cities. Not as busy as Bangkok, but still just as lively. I could spend hours on end walking up and down all the little alleyways discovering all the hidden gems of this city and never tire. Also, Chiang Mai has some of the best markets I’ve ever experienced. It is truly an incredible place.

How to get to Chiang Mai: From Bangkok I took an hour and 10-minute flight that only set me back about $30 USD. Not too shabby.

Days Spent: I spent a total of 5 days and 5 nights here. Initially, I was only going to stay 3 days plus 1 day in Pai, but again, things changed. And that’s ok. I loved each and every day I spent here, and will definitely be returning in the near future. One thing that you should definitely do while here is to visit the Elephant Nature Park. Truly an amazing experience with an organization that rescues elephants from the abuse of logging and tour companies. So, no riding the ellies here; only caring for and nurturing them.

Where to stay: The An Teak Chiang Mai Hotel (4 bed dorm $18.52). This hotel is in an amazing location, in walking distance to everything. It is very modern and clean and zen-like. Like the Analog Hostel, it is very quiet. There weren’t too many people staying when I stayed, in fact, I only shared my 4 person room with one other girl at a time. The owners are incredibly nice, helpful, and accommodating. Initially, I only booked for one night but each day I would advise them, that I decided to stay one more day and it was no problem at all. Also, the cafe attached is absolutely delicious! I ate there just about every day, whether breakfast or a quick snack. I highly recommend this hotel.


Great price
Modern and clean
Spacious rooms
Amazing owners
Perfect location


No elevator

Well, there you have it. My 4-Week Southeast Asia Itinerary. A bit ambitious? Yes. Would I have done it any differently? No. 4 weeks was all I had, so I had to make the most out of it, and I loved every minute.


Planning a trip?

Please note: all hotel pricing are listed at the time of my booking. Prices are subject to change. Also, there are some affiliate links on this post, which is just a fine way of directing you straight to the source without a bunch of searching on your part. 

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    January 23, 2018 at 3:45 pm Reply
  • Steph Brown

    Thanks for this post! My boyfriend and I are nearly at the end of our 4 week SEA trip and used your blog as a guide for our trip! We even stayed at the Golden Charm in Hanoi, which was great!

    March 10, 2018 at 11:46 pm Reply
  • Andrea Bojkovska

    Hi, thanks for the post, I will certainly use it as a guide! Can you tell me how much money did you spend total for these 4 weeks?

    March 22, 2018 at 3:17 pm Reply
  • Fabian Keresztfalvi

    Great info. I love SEA too. Might go back again, maybe to Vietnam and Cambodia. Thanks for sharing.

    April 14, 2018 at 12:54 pm Reply
  • Backyard Travel

    As read above i remember my journey that was great time in Asia. As my Thai visa was almost over I needed to cross the Thai border. I was on the island Koh Chang close to Cambodia. I went to the local tourist office and I booked a ticket to Siem Reap by road that was amazing tour ad fit to my pocket.

    May 7, 2018 at 9:25 am Reply
  • john mayer

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing & informative blog which will surely be a big help to those travelling to the southeast asia.Out of many amazing places in asia vietnam is quite popular because of the cost of travelling is quite low as compared to other southasian countries. There are many amazing places to visit and out of many the beach resorts in the southern part of the country is very popular among the tourists.There one can find many beautiful beach resorts which provides top class hospitality

    November 15, 2019 at 8:29 am Reply
  • Megan W

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’m starting to plan my month-long SEA adventure for this summer and your guide is super useful for giving me an idea of where to start 🙂
    In terms of the flights you took between the various destinations, did you book these in advance/ahead of your trip? Or is it possible to still find cheap deals while you’re out there planning your journey ahead?
    Also, as a solo traveller, what was your experience with befriending other travellers out there?

    January 12, 2020 at 2:16 pm Reply

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