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We all have that list, whether scribbled in our journals or etched in our minds, of places to see and things we’d like to someday do. Whether it’s simply trying a new restaurant in our city, or booking a flight to try a restaurant in another country.


Here is my ever-growing Wanderlist (in no particular order):

Yoga retreat in Bali
Scuba diving
Sleep in a glass igloo and see the Northern Lights in Finland
Visit Croatia
Read a book based in each country I visit (in progress)
Have a meet up with fellow travelers in a different country
Live abroad for at least a year 
See an international NFL game (preferably the Falcons…or Clay Matthews 😉 )
Visit the Comfort Women Museum in Seoul
Blue Grotto in Italy
Hot springs in Big Sur
Cliff diving
Visit Cuba before commercialization takes over
Hot air balloon over Cappadocia
Glamping in South Korea
See the Egyptian Pyramids
Stay in a yurt
Volunteer in Africa
Take a solo trip
Visit Elephant Nature Park in Vietnam
Dinner in the Sky in Malaysia
Ride a camel in the desert
Go to the airport and book the next flight out to anywhere
Drive ‘cross country (USA)
Skydive in Dubai
Learn Spanish in Spain
Stay in a capsule hotel
Visit the DMZ
Hit the slopes (skiing or snowboarding)
See a concert abroad
Tao Philippines excursion
Temple Stay
Book a flight to a random place and go (Osaka, Japan)
Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in 3 different countries in one day
Learn a new language
Go kayaking
Ring in the New Year in Australia
Visit Salar de Uyuni (salt flats) of Bolivia
Visit 6 of the 7 continents
Attend carnival in Trinidad
Go surfing
Visit Santorini


What is on your Wanderlist?


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